Minecraft Temple wowed me

Reddit has many subreddits dedicated to Minecraft. Each one focuses on a specific aspect of the game. One example is r/Minecraftbuilds.

These subreddits are home to thousands of active players who post videos, snippets and guides, sharing their accomplishments and bonding with others.

Indian Minecraft is a large community with many passionate fans. Redditor u/MajesticMaverick is one of the many passionate gamers.

Redditor Posted a Ganapati temple build on Indian Gaming subreddit three days ago. It was inspired by Indian temple architectural styles. The build was also attempted during Ganesh Chaturthi festival in September 2021.

Minecraft builds: A detailed Indian temple built by Redditor/MajesticMaverick

Reddit post by u/MajesticMaverick shows the temple in all its glory. Two perspectives can be seen within one screenshot. The picture to the left shows an exterior view of the temple's entrance. The traditional torches of the game are used to lighten the path to the temple's entrance. There is also some shrubbery.

To even out the lighting, torches are placed in rows on the roof. Shaders are used in the game to complement dynamic lighting. If light sources aren't placed correctly, shadows and lighting can be uneven and visually disappointing.

The right-hand screenshot shows the interior of the temple, including a shrine and Lord Ganesha’s statue. It is complete, with the throne as well as an arch with Indian architectural designs behind it.

Redditor Majestic Maverick posted a video showing the build to his YouTube channel. The video includes a timelapse showing the three-hour long build, as well as some banter and other entertaining elements.

To get an idea of the build, the player uses the image of an Indian temple to the left of his screen. The video ends with a display of the build as it sets behind the temple.

About u/MajesticMaverick

u/MajesticMaverick is a Reddit user for approximately 11 months. During his time on Reddit, he has posted many builds that were inspired by Indian architecture and temples.

His most popular builds include the Ram Mandir, and the Kedarnath Temple. His YouTube channel has more than 6000 subscribers. It features time-lapses as well as tutorials for his builds.