To pacify a Vindicator ...

Vindicators are a difficult mob to encounter in Minecraft. They are usually found in Woodland Manions, and they can also be present in raids. They are one of the most dangerous mobs in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Vindicators, just like other mobs can be pacified, and they will become less aggressive. Here are the details.

How to pacify a Minecraft Vindicator, and why it's important

Two reasons are there to pacify Vindicators. They can use them to protect themselves against hostile mobs as well as to harvest other mob loot.

A Vindicator can be protected from being despawned by having a nametag placed on it. The pet can be taken with you wherever you go. It will attack every mob it encounters if it is named Johnny.

Even though the companion won't be equipped with a weapon, it can fight other mobs and defeat them with relative ease. This is a great way to get loot. Players will be attacked by the mob, so make sure it is in an enclosed area.

A Vindicator is a great pet. It's not something that many Minecraft players can claim to have done.

Players will need to absorb the Vindicator's attacks until it breaks. Players can't expect to take down iron axes that deal serious damage.

You'll need many shields. Shields can be used to block hits and then cycle in a different shield. The iron axe will eventually break.

The mob can be moved to any location and used as they wish. Although the mob is still hostile, it won't be able to cause significant damage to Minecraft players - especially if they have all their armor on.